Friday, February 8, 2013

SoBH Miniatures: Wee Giant Beasties!

A little while ago I decided to order some World of Warcraft miniatures to add to my Song of Blades and Heroes collection.  For those of you who might not know, these are pre-painted miniatures that were produced for the ill-fated WoW miniature game.  Never played it myself but I'd seen the miniatures and thought they didn't look too shabby.  Unfortunately I'd never seen them next to your more generic 28mm fantasy minis so I had no idea just how big they are.

"Wow... Have you guys been eating your Wheaties or what?"
For some of these its definitely not an issue.  The Tauren look like minotaurs so it just makes sense that they would be massive, and it should be easy enough to work around the large size of the Draenei since they are pretty unique looking.  Unfortunately the humans, elves, and gnomes would definitely be a too large if you mix these in with other lines.  I suppose that's not that big a deal for some but it would make things look a little odd on the game table.

"When I said you were a big girl I  just meant you were tall!  Honest!"
Still, they do have some very unique looking figures so I think I'll be picking up some more to add a little variety, plus most of them are pretty inexpensive nowadays which makes them an even better option.  Now if I could just find those Mage Knight orcs and get them rebased... That's always the problem with cleaning; you just can't find anything once you've done it!  Until next time...

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MIK said...

I got a couple of these WoW minis for my daughter a while back, they are huge to say the least. But, they don't look too shabby, and the bottomline is getting some SoBH gaming roll on!