Thursday, February 28, 2013

Workbench: Come On Lads, We're Halfway There!

Well, my "weekend" has come and gone so the question is did I get my Colonials done in time?

The Company of His Lordship Sir Reginald Wadsworth Smythe III
 Unfortunately the answer is a resounding "No" but I did set a personal best for number of minis painted in that amount of time, especially since I was still able to keep them at a respectable level of quality (though I do still need to go back and do their bases...).

Two sections of the Kings Rifles with their Lieutenant, Sergeant, Colour Sergeant, and Captain.
I was also able to get enough color onto the remaining troops so that people can at least tell which section they belong to as my force is something of a miss-mash of various units.

The Royal Marines (minus two soldiers) and the Line Infantry
This also means that the first part of my plan for 2013 is on track for completion as I'd set a goal for myself to paint up my Colonial troops as my first priority.  I had also been brainstorming with the idea of building myself an aerial gunboat which is not likely to happen but I should be receiving my tank from Zombiesmith any day now which will round out my force nicely.  I still might try to put one together but I've also found a pretty nice looking resin version from Ironclad Miniatures that I've been thinking about picking up instead. Either way I'll be sure to post about it.

Up next here in Fabulous Lost Wages is our Colonial Boxer Rebellion game this Saturday down at Avatar Comics and Games.  I'm a little nervous because the game will be using the dreaded Sharp Practice mod again but Sky Captain has told me that they've made some modifications since the Big Hunt so it should work this time.  Fingers crossed, right?  Either way I'll be there all day with camera in hand so hopefully I'll at least have some good pictures to share with everyone.  Until next time...

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