Friday, May 17, 2013

Man, The New Shiny Is So... Shiny!!! But... No...

Some of you might remember me mentioning the Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter a few weeks ago.  Now in its final days, they have raised over $860,000, almost $800,000 more than their original goal.  The Battle Cry level (which is their super tricked out level) now includes a ton of models and will be an incredible stepping stone for anyone looking to dive into this game head first.  Even the brief demo that they posted looks really good and seems to caught the fast paced feel of the anime

And I just can't bring myself to buy it.

I was all set to.  I'd pledged my money, I was checking daily (heck, even hourly for a couple of the goals!), I couldn't wait to get my grubby little mitts on it... but I just have to pass on this one.

Realistically, I'll have my Bones minis arriving in the next month or so plus I still have all the minis from the Relic Knights coming later this year as well.  I definitely have more than enough to paint right now. On top of that, the Robotech game is designed for a 4' x 6' table and it sounds between the unit speeds and ranges you really need it, but I haven't broken out my full size table in... heck, I think its been years now!  Most of the games that I play nowadays work well enough on my 2' x 3' mini table and I've just gotten used to games that are more compact.  Last but not least is the fact that all my terrain is 28mm.  Not that I have massive amounts of terrain but I definitely have a good selection to draw from but none of it is 6mm.

Count it up and that's a classic case of one, two, three strikes... you're out!

Of course I still might pick up some minis when it hits retail (just love the female Zentraedi power armor!!!) but other than that I just can't justify it.  Instead I'm going to buy a bunch of boardgames I play with the family.  After all, I never said I wasn't going to buy anything and the Red Dragon Inn and X-Wing just keep calling my name.  Until next time...

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