Saturday, May 4, 2013

Workbench: Constructing the HMS Gorgon

For our upcoming Colonials game I had planned on fielding the new Baeliog armored tractor from ZombieSmith miniatures in addition to my Gauntlet.  Unfortunately after almost a month of waiting and several emails asking them what was happening with my order I finally just asked for a refund.  Unlike the rest of the process, they were very prompt with the refund but this left me without another vehicle to field with my troops.  In a flash of mad desperation, I decided to take the dive and start my construction of my first aeronef, the HMS Gorgon.

As you can see its not exactly pretty but its shaping up very well and I'm excited to get it finished up for the game next weekend.  So far I only have the basic hull built but I have more planned to add some detail to it that I think will look really sharp such as the steam boiler on the aft section and the fins that will attach to the struts going off the back.

As for armament there will be at least two scratch built maxims mounted on the walkway and a turret with twin quick fire cannons mounted on the underside.  And the really cool thing about the turret?

It actually rotates and the guns even elevate!  A minor detail (especially since its on the underside) but it was something I really wanted to make sure would work.  More on this soon but I thought I'd at least share what I've been working on.  Until next time...

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