Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Audio Noise: Putting A Little Bance In Your Life!

Even though we moved across country just a couple of months ago, we have been lucky enough to have already made some good friends that love gaming as much as we do.  During a chat with one of them a "local" podcast was mentioned so I decided to check them out and am I ever glad that I did.    So glad in fact that I think its time to...

Focus: Boardgames from ancient days of yore (like the 80's)
Audio Quality: Five 10,000 point questions!
Content Quality: Five balloon tardises.
Average Length: About an hour
Release Schedule: bi weekly

A lot of podcast that I've listened to have started out a little on the rough side but not this one.  Right from episode 1 the audio quality and editing, content, chemistry of the hosts, all of it was right out of the park!  But what exactly is it about?

Unlike other board game podcasts Flip The Table focuses on those games that litter the shelves of your local thrift and Goodwill.  You won't find much about the latest and greatest on BGG but you will find plenty about some "classics" like Heartthrob, Trump the Game, and the All My Children board game.

You might think that listening to an hour about a game like this would be almost painful to bear but the guys at Flip The Table make it interesting.  Their banter keeps the mood light and they also don't just focus on the negative aspects of the games.  Instead they look at what how they felt the game design was flawed and even how to make the game better which gives an interesting perspective on game design.

Once they have finished their review, they end the show with the Battle of Wits between the hosts and these are just a blast to listen to.  Whether they are playing the eBay game, the IMDB game or any thing else that they have dreamed up, it is always good for a laugh.  This is definitely a podcast that I recommend you add to you listening cue ASAP.  Until next time...

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