Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Audio Noise: Clink! From Earth... With 100 Lasers!

Having listened to the entire run of Decoder Ring Theater (for a second time even!!!) I started looking around for another podcast in the radio play format.  It took me a little bit of digging but I managed to find...

Focus: Various radio play style skits.
Audio Quality: Four and a half clinks.
Content Quality: Four laser fists.
Average Length:Usually about half an hour.
Release Schedule: weekly

Unlike the other podcasts that I've talked about on the Noise, the Thrilling Adventure Hour is an actual Hollywood stage show that also happens to run on iTunes.  If you happen to be in LA on the right day you can even go see the real thing but the rest of us will just have to make due with the podcast.

The show covers several different story lines which all have their own merits but in my opinion Beyond Belief, Spark Nevada, Marshal On Mars, and Captain Laserbeam are the best.  This isn't to say that the other skits that come through are not good but these three are definitely my favorites.  Don't take my word for it though; get over there and check them out yourself!  Until next time...

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