Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Workbench: Painting the Yun Qi for Firefly

A while back I took brush and paint to several of the ship pieces from my Firefly board game. Among the pieces I painted were two of the four Firefly transports and though I had planned on painting the remaining two (one of which is the Serenity itself) I just never got around to doing it.

The first two, the Bonnie Mae and the Bonanza, have pretty well defined paint schemes on their displays which made them easy. Serenity is also pretty easy since she is really quite plain looking compared to the others but the last one left me in something of a quandary.

Called the Yun Qi (Chinese for luck) it is depicted as having your basic hull colors with yellow trim which is one of my least favorite colors to paint. I wanted to do something different but wasn't sure what until recently so without further ado, here is the Yun Qi.

Since red is considered to be a lucky color in Chinese culture, it just seemed to make sense to paint the ship red (and it'll make it go fasta, right?). This also makes the yellow accents fit into this scheme much better and for an extra little touch I painted the character for fortune onto the top of the hull.

Overall I'm really happy with how the Yun Qi turned out. It definitely makes a nice addition to my little fleet of Fireflies. Now I just need to paint the Serenity and get the Artful Dodger and I'll be all set... For a little while at least. Until next time...

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