Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Slow But Steady Progress...

Well, things have been quite hectic with summer ending and trying to get the stars to align so we can move but I have been making some progress with my Frostgrave warband!  Currently I have both the wizard, apprentice, two thugs, one thief, and one archer painted with most of the others waiting in the wings for some spare hobby time.  No pictures at the moment but once I have them all done I plan on putting them up here for the world to see.
While working on finishing them up, I am going to get more done with my terrain project.  I have some of the bases cut out so I have an idea how it will all fit on there, its just a question of assembling the rest of the buildings.  I'll need to detail them as well of course but for now just getting the basic shapes assembled will work in a pinch.
And last but not least is getting my daughter some figures together so she can try the game.  With various things popping up we weren't able to make it to the Frostgrave campaign that had been running at our LGS but I still want her to give it a try.  The whole wizard and their henchmen digging through the ruins just really seems up her alley so this is really high on my priority list.
Not much else going on at this point.  I should have my warband done within the week so I'll be sure to grab some pictures once they're done.  Until next time...

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