Saturday, November 17, 2012

Silent Death: Breaking The Silence In The Outlands

Long, long ago in a gaming store that doesn't even exist anymore I found a copy of Silent Death Metal Express and I snatched it up.

This was a game from way back in 1990 that I remember reading about in Dragon Magazine but I never actually saw it for sale anywhere.  Not surprising as out LGS was actually a bookstore with a small selection of games but it was always something that interested me.  In case you hadn't guessed the game centered around space fighter combat which has always sounded cool to me (part of the reason I also picked up Renegade Legion: Interceptor).

Perusing the rules they really seemed very straight forward and the figures that came with the game looked pretty sweet to boot.  Unfortunately the thing that I was lacking at the time was an opponent so the box was relegated to a shelf to sit and gather dust.

Fast forward a number of years.

While in another LGS (which still exists though in a different place) I stumbled across Silent Death: The Next Millennium.

Remembering the old game that I had on the shelf I decided to snatch up this copy as well because it came with even more figures for a pretty good price and how can you have too many space fighters, right?  This was a new edition of the game set after the collapse of the Imperium (the main power that be in the original game) but other than the setting update the game was virtually identical.  I picked up a couple of expansions that I managed to find and started putting together my own little campaign world beyond the borders of what was once the Imperium.  Unfortunately it never got beyond brainstorming but I really liked the setting and its been safely stored away on the computer all this time.

Leaping ahead again to the present I've gotten the urge to break out these minis yet again and actually get them painted up so I can play some small games with them (of course paint is not required to play but it does make it that much better).  So far I've only gotten one small group of fighters done but more are in the works.

The Malcontents (pirates... in... spaaaaaace!!!)
"The Malcontents are one of the pirate groups that has plagued the Outlands Sector since the fall of the Imperium.  While no where near as organized as other groups like the Cartels, the Malcontents still represent a threat to the regular shipping lanes.

True to their chaotic nature, the Malcontents do not have any kind of regular flight structure.  In fact most raids by them consist of whoever decides to come along and what fighters happen to available at the time making any encounter a truly haphazard event.  One encounter they might be fielding a gunship or two and then a week later be running with just a group of light fighters.

Local powers have tried to put a stop to the threat they represent but so far they are proving to be more elusive than anyone had expected."

Kind of generic I know but the chaotic nature of their unit meant that I could just paint up whatever caught my eye without worrying about a more rigid flight structure.

I also started painting up some other ships with even more unique paint schemes to represent lone "gun men" or bounty hunters that could be used to flush out the ranks if needed.  First up is the bounty hunter Lightning Strike.

The Lightning Strike!!!

"The Death Wind class medium fighter is known for being a powerful combatant but with the skill of her pilot and gunner Lightning Strike is able to push the envelop even further.  Credited with capturing or destroying some of the most dangerous bounties in the sector, Lightning Strike has given many raiders and criminals pause when they show up on the scene."

Still more work to do on the other units I have floating around in my head but its always best to one thing at a time, right?  I still have more in the works including some terrain pieces, the remainder of my Guild minis for Malifaux, and any number of other projects that happen to catch my eye.  Ah well, at least it keeps my busy.  Until next time...

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