Friday, November 9, 2012

Malifaux: Bounty Hunting Done Family Style!

I have finally gotten around to working on my Ortegas boxed set for Malifaux and I have to say that they are really looking sharp!  So far I've mostly finished painting Perdita, Francisco, and Santiago.  This actually gives me a respectable little crew I could run on their own but I definitely want to get Papa Loco, Nino, and Abuela to the table as well.  Of course also I have to get off my butt and contact Wyrd about getting replacement for Nino since half of him is missing but the blame for that falls more on me than them since I've heard great things about their customer service.  But enough about what is still to be done, let's take a look at what's already (mostly) finished.

Unlike my Witch Hunter minis which kept a similar palette throughout, I really wanted to mix things up a little with the Ortegas.  Since they are a family rather than an official branch of the Guild, I really felt like it gave me some room to play around with the colors and I like how they are turning out.  Rather than going with the more muted style of the Hunters, my Ortegas are much brighter which creates a nice visual contrast when they are on the board together.

 Of the family, Perdita was the one that I had the hardest time deciding on and it was actually my wife's suggestion that was the inspiration for her paint scheme.  After taking one look at the mini she was instantly struck with the image of a flamenco dancer; the flared trousers, the sevillano hat... which made the choice of colors easy.

Black overall with a bright red top.  I also plan on picking out the buttons along the pant legs with red just to add another bit of pop to the figure and then she will be complete!

I decided to paint up Francisco next since I was already thinking about using him to support my Witchhunters for larger games.

His paint scheme with the bright green ruffled shirt and jeans was largely inspired by the artwork in the book as I just liked the look of it though I did paint his sombrero black with red piping inside.

Finally (so far at least...) is Santiago, the brute of the family.

Unlike the others which had been cleaner looking overall, I really wanted to make him look rough around the edges.  To do this I went with a beige for his shirt to make it look like it been lived in along with his jeans.  Finally I did his bandana in a bright red to add in a real pop of color.  As with Perdita I still need to finish him off (the guns are going to be metal plus I need to finish the base...) but you get the idea.

For the remaining models I've got a pretty good idea how I want to handle them, I just need to get Papa started, Nino replaced, and Abuela based, not to mention all the other Guild goodness that I've picked up lately.  Then there's also Bete Noire but I have something special in mind of her.  Until next time...

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