Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gettin' Crazy With Lego: The Rat Tavern

We finally decided to take apart the Vampyre's castle the other day but the Munchkin was quick to ask to build some more using this set.  I started building a small tower complete with tomb, study, and organ while her project seemed to be a little more abstract.  At first I thought it was just a collection of plates she was spacing out but things really took shape as she finished up.  Let me present... the Rat Tavern.

As you can see the number of little details she was able to cram in here is really amazing and other than a few of the bones all the bits came from the Vampyre Castle set which is a testament to just how massive that set is.  As you can imagine from the name, this is a tavern for rats.  The entrance is through the doors on the bottom level and the rats can travel up through the various small levels to the bedroom where they can feast on the skeleton.  And what's his story?  Well he got drunk and passed out on the bed (notice the goblet in his right hand?)... and then the rats came.

Gruesome yes but then again one of the first things she did on our Dungeons and Dragons game was start collecting teeth from the dead wolves to make a necklace.  Not just the canines mind you; she wanted to use the small teeth as beads.  She's pretty awesome.  A little creepy sometimes but awesome none the less.

That's about it for this time but be sure to come back soon!   Now that the year is almost over I've finally gotten around to making some terrain.  Better late than never right?  Plus hopefully Spacer and Dreamer can pull out another Malifaux battle report... provided the Showgirls don't make another appearance by the sound of it.  Good thing Spacer also picked up Nicodemus!  Until next time...

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