Thursday, November 15, 2012

Every Vampyre Needs A Castle... Especially If Its Lego!

This Halloween (yes this post is a little late...) we decided not to throw a party but we still wanted to do something special for our daughter and the answer came in the form of LEGO.  As I've mentioned, we've been pretty taken by the new Monster Fighter line so we decided to "bite" the bullet and pick up... the Vampyre Castle!  Dun-dun-daaaaahhhhh!!!

This set is amazing!  With all the little towers it really captures the image I have in my mind of Transylvanian castle and all the little details inside it are amazing!  There's a small lab, a library (complete with "books" on the shelf!), a map room with a trap door... heck, there's even an organ for the vampyre to play while the heroes are trapped in the dungeon!

This set is not cheap but I really think its a good value for the money with all the things they managed to pack in there. Still need to get myself some trees for a Fear and Faith game though... Have to save that for another day though.  Until next time...


MIK said...

We were just talking about getting some Fear and Faith in just the other night.

Love hte whole Monster Fighter lineup, and this set is an absolute beast. Great writeup.

Sin City Snowman said...

Thanks MIK! Most of the Monster Fighter set look awesome but I think this one and the Mad Scientist set look like they have the most little details to them.

As for Fear and Faith, I just picked up Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters and want to give that a read. I found some katana school girl paper minis that would probably work really well with it so want to get that to the table soon.

And now our chihuahua is walking around on its hind legs. 8|

Me thinks I should get some more sleep.