Thursday, September 13, 2012

And It All Starts Out With A Jenkins

Lately I have to admit that I've been in a bit of a rut as far as my podcasts go.  Some have faded, some have changed formats or hosts... overall, a number of my regulars became not so much lately.  I started to look around for new ones when what should I find but this little gem with some pretty sound advise right in the title.  Look out folks and remember to...

Focus: Traveller actual play
Audio Quality: Four rebuilt assassins out of five
Content Quality: Four and a half kooky psychics out of five
Average Length: just under an hour
Release Schedule: pretty consistently weekly

Close The Airlock is the first Traveller Actual Play that I've ever found out there and they do a good job giving you a feel for the game.  The setting is not the canon Traveller universe but the party is learning their way around at the same time so you never feel like your missing out on anything.  The game play also flows along very nicely as the mechanics of the game run quite smoothly and even combat moves at a very brisk pace (unlike some other systems that are out there...) so there are no moments where you just tune out for the episode as they try to grind away at an opponent.  The group is also pretty familiar with each other as role players so they have a good dynamic as well which is always a plus.

The only downside is the occasional baby crying since the referee and his wife recently entered the wonderful world of parenthood (welcome to the club!) but they are right up front about it in the introduction which is awesome.  After listening to the podcast I have to say that she seems to be a very mild mannered baby so other than occasionally chewing on some of the miniatures its not really much of an issue.  If you're looking for something a little different from the typical AP fare, I'd definitely recommend giving this one a try.  Until next time...


MIK said...

I hope the Minions aren't one of the ones in your opening statement...but I have a sneaky suspicion they might be, aaargh!

Sin City Snowman said...

Definitely not Mik! Still love listening to the Minions and I'm hoping you're not pod fading... wait, is there something you're not telling us?!? Does remind me that I had a question for you though... off to the emails!