Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tale Of A Gamer And His Lucky 13

I don't normally talk much about my personal life on the blog but this time I decided I need to make an exception.

Today my wife and I are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary which makes it a pretty special day to say the least.  What makes it even more special to me is not only does my wife regularly play boardgames with me and our daughter, but she even took the dive and has been playing in the Dungeons and Dragons 4e game that I've been running for the past couple months.

This by itself is pretty awesome.

Then you throw in the fact that she suggested we celebrate our anniversary yesterday because Spacer and his wife might be coming over tonight and she wanted to make sure we would be free just in case.  I'm not sure how many wives out there get so involved in their husbands' hobby that they would do this but it definitely makes me feel like one of the lucky ones.

So I have to say to my wife thank you for thirteen wonderful years, and the many more that are still to come.

Until next time...


MIK said...

Congrats! People who game with their wives are lucky indeed, you've always got someone to roll dice with; stranded island, power outage, vacation, etc.

Rolling dice with the offspring is always a win-win situation to boot.

Congrats again on the anniversary!

Pete Lowther said...

Thanks Mik! Definitely have to agree and I'm loving the fact that my daughter is growing up a gamer girl as well. Mrs. Snowman wasn't too sure about introducing her to role playing as well but we are having so much fun I'm glad we did!