Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bringing Some Of Your Own Noise To The Audio

We recently started role playing again here in Snowman's Land, but this time we added in our Munchkin to the mix so she can see just what the big deal is about these roleplaying games.  So far she is having fun with it and some of the role playing things that she comes up with just blow me out of the water!

For example, in the first session the adventurers were ambushed by a group of goblins and wolves.  No sooner had the battle ended than the Munchkin's character walks over to one of the dead wolves and starts pulling out all of its teeth.  Not just the canines mind you but all of them so she could make a necklace using the small teeth as beads to space out the larger ones.  The rest of us looked at each other for a second, then Spacer summed it up by saying "Well that's kinda creepy but alrighty then."

Even so, its a pretty awesome bit of roleplaying and I'm loving how she's keeping me on my toes with some of the curve balls she throws my way.  I also love the fact that now both my wife and my daughter are not just taking part in my hobby but having fun with it as well, which all leads into bringing your own noise to the audio.

Since this is the Munchkin's first game (and only my second time running an adventure...) I really wanted to do an audio recording of it but the question was how?  I'd seen things like the Zoom H2 but money was tight and I needed something fast.  After a quick search on Amazon I happened to stumble across the perfect solution for my problem; the Go Mic by Samson.

Personally I'm loving this little microphone and I'm really glad that I picked it up.  I just set in the omnidirectional mode and it does a great job picking up the entire group loud and clear.  It's also plug and play so I can just hook it up the laptop, switch over the microphone feed in Audacity to the Samson, hit record, and just forget about it.  No worrying about running out of memory or power since its hooked up to the laptop, and we've kept the same set up around the table so I don't even need to mess around with the recording levels in Audacity.

The other great thing about it is that its only $40 from Amazon with free shipping if you're not in a rush!  It just doesn't get much better than that, so if you're looking for an inexpensive mic that will still give you a quality recording I definitely recommend giving this one a try.  Until next time...

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MIK said...

You know,this is how the Minions podcast started. Duck Sauce got a recorder for the sole purpose of recording RPG sessions with his kids, and that was it. He thought of using it during one of our RPG sessions to 'take notes' and refer to later so to speak.

Well, as they say, the rest is "history".