Saturday, September 15, 2012

Arcanists Arise! Again Even!!!

I've dabbled with my Songs of Torments Reach mod for Song of Blades and Heroes for a while now, but the one thing that I never did was actually finish painting my Arcanists crew.  Kind of silly really since there are only four of them but I just never felt the inspiration to get them done.  Lately though I've been trying to dust off the old projects that I've had floating around and finish them up and these lovely ladies were the first on the workbench so here they are, the Arcanist crew of Sasha Dubois!
First up is Sasha Dubois, leader of the crew.

This mini is one of the first ones that Reaper released in their Chronoscope line and one that I loved as soon as I saw.  She just really captures that steampunk/western feel that Malifaux has so I just had to get her.  Heck, she was part of the inspiration for Torments Reach so I would have a way to use the mini!

Next is Boomer, Sasha's "little" pet.

Yes, I know he's not based yet... One thing at a time now...
This is an old Warmachine Juggernaut that I had laying around.  I used a dremel to take off the Khador symbol but other than that he's just a stock mini largely because he is a massive piece of metal and I'm not going to try to modify him.  I might pick up a plastic Jugger at some point to work on but this version works for now.

The rest of the crew continue the Iron Kingdoms influence as these are both from their old RPG line.  First is Taryn Rose.

Originally this figure was a gun mage which makes her a pretty good fit for a western gunslinger.  The pistols don't quite look right since they are more like flintlocks than revolvers but I decided to leave them as is just too keep things simple.

Lastly is one of my favorite and most frustrating minis, Valeria Alvaro.

I loved this figure as soon as I saw it!  Between her ready pose and the four pistols she's packing, she just seems like the perfect gunslinger.  Unfortunately the pose is also incredibly frustrating because the original has her looking over her shoulder which just looks awkward.  I tend to go with line of sight centered around where the figure is looking so this means that she is walking around backwards the whole time.  After much procrastination, I finally decided to bit the bullet and broke out the dremel.  It took a little bit of work plus some sculpting to fill in the gap but overall I'm really happy with how she looks.

Now I just need to get them back to the table for another round against the Guild forces of Sonnia Criid.  Well, sounds like I've got something for next week!  Until next time...

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